Little use of water

The most known method for professionals in doing any kind of cleaning is the dry cleaning method. This method can also be referred to as low moisture extraction. Commonly it is used in cleaning most things like carpets, clothes, etc. This kind of carpet cleaning is effective to those who need an urgent and low maintenance cleaning. The main importance of this kind of cleaning is that it needs less of water and therefore takes a little time to dry.
This kind of cleaning is kind of a misnomer. It involves the use of minimal amount of water hence little amount of water to be used with this method of cleaning. It normally includes usage of a powder mixture composed of a detergent, a dissolving agent, a small amount of water to moisturize the surface and an absorbent. The powder is sprinkled over the carpet then the machine is to work it into the fibers. As it gets massaged into the carpet, the powder engages with any soil, dirt or grime after which the powder is gotten rid of using an industrial vacuum.

Time to dry

Again another main advantage of this kind of cleaning is that it uses very little time for the fabric to dry. There are also minimum chances for color fade that can also just occur as a result of repeated use of hot water. And since there is no water needed in this style of cleaning, wastage of water is reduced which could be an issue with other cleaning methods.
Besides there are few other styles other than the one mentioned above for dry cleaning carpets. They can be put into action separately or even used together at the same time in some capacity. Being that the other method consists of foam usage instead of powder, one can go for it. The foam is worked into the fabric where it will engage with the dirt then finally gotten rid of with the use of a vacuum.
Another method is the bonnet cleaning method. In this you need to treat the carpet prior with a bonnet cleaning solution. After that, a bonnet that is moisturized is attached to a rotating machine in the bonnet head at a speed that is slightly low. This enables the bonnet to take in the soil or dirt from the carpet.
Another method uses a moist powder that is more or less same as sawdust. This substance is then worked into the carpet then left to dry in open air.Though this needs extra power since the extraction of the powder needs a high-powered vacuum.
All the above mentioned styles are best when used on wool carpets. And because of its effectiveness it is mostly applied when cleaning rugs and other delicate floor items. It has become so common and appreciated by many, and as a result preferred and recommended for cleaning area rugs. This method is gentle, effective and safe to use, it requires less time since it is not difficult to be done and therefore needs less money.

Disadvantages of Dry Cleaning

Perchloroethylene commonly known as PERC, is a very dangerous chemical to humans and the surroundings. Humans and even animals can get into contact with this chemical through the breathing in of air and even drinking of water. In order to understand the disadvantages of using a dry cleaning system, we need to look at the advantages that using a wet cleaning system would bring forth.

Why Choose a Wet-Cleaning system?

The unseen product used by the dry cleaning industries in cleaning is the perchloroethylene which is also referred to as PERC and tetrachloroethylene. It is a nonflammable liquid that is colorless. It is commonly used in the dry cleaning industry. It contributes to a high percentage of all the dry cleaning fluid that is used during the process. Humans get exposed to it in workplaces or even the surrounding following its disposal in water, groundwater, land and even to air. It can also come up when individuals do the following:
  • Prefer usage of items with PERC
  • Spend much of their time in dry cleaning facilities that use PERC
  • Stay above or adjacent to these dry cleaning facilities
  • Even bring dry cleaned garments that are cleaned using PERC into their home

It gets into the body when inhaling air or even consuming food or water that is contaminated. Less chances are that it is likely to be absorbed through skin contact. And once realized to have been taken in, it is normally stored in fat tissues which may be even more dangerous especially for the lactating mothers.
Getting exposed to PERC for a short while causes internal organ damage e.g. the kidneys, lungs etc. since blood is supplied to all the mentioned organs. While in the body for a longer duration it causes leukemia or even abortions. Research shows that for lactating mothers exposed to PERC, the chemical is much more concentrated on the breast as compared to the blood. When PERC enters the body it is most likely to be stored in fat tissues and when in mothers the fats are being broken down it is evident that the nursing mothers are likely to feed their babies this substance because those substances are likely to be gotten directly from the mother to the baby when lactating.


As we all say, we can take control of everything we want but taking control does not really lead to safety of individuals since human beings are prone to accidents and mistakes. The chemical is found in ground waters in most areas of the country and all these are as a result of poor disposal of the dry cleaning landfills or facilities.
The main reason why most people would prefer to go for the wet cleaning process is because it is safer to individuals and the environs. PERC is a very dangerous component. It is toxic to human and animal health and further destroys the environment that we rely on.