Many carpet owners, both old and new stuggle with the question of what system is appropriate for carpet cleaning. Majority further do not know how frequent to clean or even what method to use. The good news is that there are so many cleaning alternatives available, which can be very overwhelming for a novice. Every carpet needs a special treatment. For instance, an area rug cannot be treated the same way as a Berber one. Comparatively, harsh chemicals, normally suitable for removing stains from regular carpets are not suitable for antique rugs. It is also worth mentioning that carpet cleaning should be done either once or twice a year in high traffic areas. Some carpet dealers mention this explicitly in the warranty, however, the waranty is rendred void if the carpet is not cleaned each one or two years. To clean a lesser used carpet less oftenly is not a noble idea as opines others. It is wise to maintain clean carpets because when dust and allergens are trapped in the carpet, they easily drift into the air and this can cause breathing problems. There are four major methods for cleaning carpets.The first commonly known method is steam cleaning. This method extensively employs the use of hot water. Hot water is applied, and then steamed out immediately. This method normally works in tandem with a detergent. The second system of cleaning carpets is the shampoo method. This system operates similar to bubbling shampoo wash during cleaning. It works by whipping a cleaning solution into a foamy solution that picks all the dirt. As the foam dries, vacuum then picks all the remaining bits of dirt sticking to the remaining foam. The third method for cleaning carpets is the in-house cleaning. It is commonly known as the professional cleaning method. This is done by delivering your carpet to an expert carpet cleaning company where yur carpet is worked upon in a particular way. The professional cleaning method is popular for cleaning either antique or area rugs. The last carpet cleaning method is known as the absorbent dry compound procedure. In this method, a dry chemical powder is sprinkled above the area and thereafter, spread into the carpet using a special machine. In the process, the dirt sticks to the powder as subsequent vacuum absorbs the powder and dust upwards. The only cleaning method that does not apply water is this last method; the absorbent dry compound process. In conclusion, it is worth saying that since now you are well equipped with the knowledge on how often and the best methods of cleaning your method. It is good to remember that most of these methods are only common among professional carpet cleaners. However, you should not forget that both steam cleaning and shampooing are very simple and can be done by you even in the absence of professional cleaners. Lastly, there is nothing as good as knowning your options; a wide choice will motivate you to clean your carpet using your most favourite method.