It is challenging to keep rugs and carpets very clean always. You may not have the time or the money to employ professional carpet cleaners too. You may decide to rent a machine for cleaning carpet as this is more economical, you also need to buy the shampoo to use in such machine.  Instead of worrying about these financially unsuitable methods of cleaning your carpet, why not make your own solution for carpet cleaning. You can make the solution in such way that it can adapt to use in many of the carpet cleaning machines on rent out there today. If you do not have the money to rent machines, you can also make use of ordinary sponge and bucket to get the job done. Your home-made cleaning solution can be used in removing stains or spots from the carpet or for cleaning high traffic areas. You can equally use it in cleaning the entire carpet.
Make your choice of cleaning in accordance with what is available at home.  The cleaners below are prepared with simple products you can get at home.  They can be used to dry clean the carpet or get rid of spots on it.

Method One

Cleaning solution made with detergent

  • - Add warm water to liquid dish washing detergent to make a clear solution.
  • - Start with one-quarter teaspoonful. Mix 1 cup of warm water with about 1.25 ml of the liquid detergent. This solution can clean the carpet and leave very little residue behind.
  • - In the event higher concentration is required; just adjust the concentration of liquid detergent added to the warm water.
  • - Clean. You can make use of sponge mop or rag and dip it into the cleaning solution for cleaning your carpet. You can equally pour the cleaning solution inside most of the carpet cleaning machines available out there today.  When you have finished with the carpet cleaning, get the carpet vacuumed.

Method Two

Cleaning solution using household cleaner

  • - Compose a recipe for carpet cleaning by adding one gallon of warm water to one cup of ammonia, half cup of a fabric softener and half cup of multipurpose household cleaner that does not contain any bleach.
  • - Clean. The carpet is softened and well leaned by the solution. You can make use of sponge mop or rag dipped into the solution to clean the carpet or pour the prepared solution into carpet cleaning machine. After drying, get the carpet vacuumed.

Method Three

Cleaning solution based on laundry detergent

  • - Mix warm water with dry laundry detergent in the ration 10:1.
  • - Pour the solution into the carpet cleaning machine. The solution can get your carpet cleaned without forming any foam in the process.  The fresh scent of the carpet will be restored and the carpet will be thoroughly clean.
  • - After the carpet has dried, get the residue vacuumed.

Method Four

Cleaning solution made from powdered detergent

  • - Make a mixture containing 946ml of warm water with ammonia one teaspoon and powdered detergent half cup. Create froth by stirring the solution.
  • - Dip clean cloth or sponge into the froth created and rob it over gently on the carpet. As the froth is used up, stir the solution again to create more froth.
  • - After cleaning, leave the carpet to dry. After it has dried, apply vacuum on the area cleaned.

Method Five

Cleaning solution made with window cleaner in cleaning machine

  • - Pour some warm water into equal volume of the window cleaner. Mix the solution well and pour it into a cleaning machine.
  • - Clean. The main constituent of the window cleaner is ammonia and it can get rid of the stains on the carpet and will leave only little residue. Allow the carpet to dry up and then apply vacuum machine.

Method Six

Cleaning solution using window cleaner (Windex spray).No cleaning machine is used

  • - Pour some Windex on the carpet to test how its fabric reacts to the solution. This can be done by adding very little quantity of the solution to a hidden spot on the carpet. Do not use this method is the cleaning solution bleaches the carpet color.
  • - Spray some of the Windex solution on the stain on the carpet.
  • - Leave it for up to 5 minutes or thereabout.
  • - Use paper towel or wet cloth to wipe off the solution. Make sure the wet cloth is cold. The carpet will be clean after this treatment

Method Seven

Spots removers

  • - Make a very thick paste by mixing baking soda with equal volume of vinegar. Pour into the solution some warm water and form a thin liquid solution. Get yourself a sponge or old toothbrush and use it to scrub in the solution on the stain.
  • - Pour the solution on the stain on the carpet and leave it for maximum of 5 minutes. After the wait, scrub in the solution using either a sponge or old toothbrush.

Method Eight

Dry cleaning solution

    • - Add about 4 oz. of corn flower to half lb of baking powder and mix the solution together.
    • - Get a handful of potpourri and some dried bay leaves. Pour the two into the solution and mix together. They add fragrance to the cleaning solution.
    • - Make sure the solution gets blended together before commencing with the cleaning process. How can you get them blended? Pour the solution into a container that has lid or into a plastic bag and shake vigorously, which will ensure proper blending.
    • - Sprinkle the cleaning solution on the carpet and get a broom to further push the solution right into the fibers of the carpet.
    • - Allow the solution to stay on the carpet throughout the night. Get it vacuumed in the morning. The solution works in a rather different way compared with other cleaning solutions. It does not get the carpet wet, but get it cleaned. It equally deodorizes the carpet. It is better to spray the solution on the carpet the evening proceeding the cleaning and make sure movement on the carpet is restricted.