You will not be able to remove blood from surfaces once they are allowed to dry and get stuck to such surfaces.  If you are to maintain the integrity of your carpet, then you need to get rid of the blood stain almost immediately it touches the carpet. Various types of treatments can be implemented to give your carpet that highly desired perfect treatment. Some treatments can be rough, while others can be gentle and your choice of treatment should depend on how long the blood stain had been on the carpet. Strong treatment is required in the event the blood stain had been long on the carpet. Problem with such strong treatment is that they tend to discolor or damage the carpet.  It is better to start out with the gentle treatment first before advancing to stronger treatment.

How to remove fresh blood stain

  1. Blot with very clean towel or white cloth.Press the white clean cloth on the fresh blood and lift it off. It would have absorbed a considerable quantity of the blood stain. Start working from the edges in the event you are dealing with large pool or stain of blood on the carpet and work towards the center. This way, the blood will never be able to spread on the carpet. Make sure never to rub the stain, as this may make it even more difficult to remove the stain.
  2. Spray some cold water on it. Spray some cold water on the stain and allow the water to sink into the blood stain for some minutes. In the event you cannot access spray bottle at the time, you can simply pour little amount of water on the carpet, just enough to wet the area stained by blood. You must use only cold water and not hot or warm water, as this can further entrench the blood stain into the carpet. Do not pour too much cold water either, as this can make the blood stain to spread. Just use the water to dampen the blood stain and not to soak it.
  3. Blot as you wet. After wetting the blood stain with cold water, apply the towel again to blot off the dissolved blood. Pour in adequate water again to wet the remaining blood stain. You must use up-and-down motion while blotting the blood. Keep repeating this wetting and blotting process until you have removed all the blood stain from the carpet. You need to keep in mind this will require several wetting and blotting processes. Carpet extractor held with hands or wet vacuum can be equally used to absorb the moisture on the carpet. When a particular spot on the towel becomes discolored, switch over to a fresh spot on the towel to avoid returning the stain to the carpet you are trying to clean. It is better to make use of white towel for the cleaning purpose.
  4. Make use of salt paste. You should use salt paste in place of ordinary cold water if the stain still remains after the cold water treatment. Add water to some salt and mix to form a paste. Put some of the paste on the stained carpet and leave it for some minutes. Blot using clean towel or cloth. You should repeat the step if blood residue is picked by the towel but the stain still remains on the carpet. After the stain is removed, get the place vacuumed to ensure the salt is not left on the carpet; salt can have damaging effect on carpet fabric.
  5. Use well diluted liquid detergent. Pour 1 cup of cold water into 1 or 2 teaspoons of liquid detergent and mix. Dip a clean cloth into the solution and dab at the blood stain using this. It is better to use white cloth. Rinse the cloth in plain water and blot dry. Never make use of detergents containing lanolin or bleach.
  6. Dry faster with electric fan. Direct the fan on this wet part of the carpet to quicken drying. It is important for the carpet to dry very fast, lest the blood stain on the carpet's backing 'wicks' its way to the surface and this will result into new stain. Paper towel can be used in place of fan. Place heavy object on the paper towel and allow it to dry.
  7. Brush or vacuum the carpet after drying. The original carpet shape will be restored this way. Make use of the method given below to remove the stain in the event it still remains on the carpet.

How to remove dried blood

  1. Try out treatment method on concealed parts of the carpet first. The treatment method for dried blood is strong and can have discoloring or damaging effect on the carpet. They should be tested on concealed carpet areas first. Leave for 15 minutes and check if the treatment damages or discolors the carpet. Get help from a professional if you are using wool or silk carpet as it can be easily damaged.
  2. Optionally, brush using dull knife. Dried blood can be removed by scrapping butter knife on the stain. This will not remove the blood stain, but will make the work easier. Do not try this on valuable carpets.
  3. Use unflavored meat tenderizer. It eases up the blood stain removal process by breaking up blood protein. Pour equal amount of cold water into the tenderizer and mix. Leave for a maximum of 30 minutes and use clean towel to blot. Mix cool water with liquid detergent and use the mixture to rinse off the towel. Flavored meat tenderizer can cause further stain so it must not be used. The solution can destroy carpet fibers in silk or wool carpet due to presence of protein in such carpets.
  4. Spray with hydrogen peroxide. You can lighten carpet fiber using hydrogen peroxide. This will help to hide the blood stain. Add 3% hydrogen peroxide to the stain. The hydrogen peroxide breaks down the blood and removes the stain. This gives better effect than when you use bleach. This method must not be used on vivid or dark colored carpets as it may bleach off the color. Always use only 3% hydrogen peroxide. Dilute to the right concentration if you have bought stronger hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Soak in shampoo followed by ammonia
  6. Make use of enzyme cleaner
  7. Get it dried where there is good supply of air.
  8. Brush or vacuum the carpet.