Why Do Professional Janitorial Services Use Steam Cleaning?


Professional janitorial services use a wide range of cleaning techniques. When it comes to cleaning carpets, most janitorial services use two cleaning methods — dry vacuuming and steam cleaning.

Dry vacuuming should be performed on carpets very regularly while steam cleaning should be performed intermittently. It is typically required every few weeks or couple of months, depending on the kind of environment being cleaned.

But why do janitorial services rely upon steam cleaning for the deep cleaning of carpets? This article will explain why this cleaning technique is so effective and what the benefits of steam cleaning your carpets are.

What is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is a carpet cleaning technique that has been around for more than 50 years. Many carpet manufacturers suggest that steam cleaning is the most appropriate way to clean their carpets and suggest that it be performed on a regular basis.

A steam cleaning machine pushes hot water into the carpet to dissolve and loosen debris including dirt, mold, and bacteria. A small amount of cleaning agent is usually applied to the hot water to increase its effectiveness.

In some cases, stains on the carpet may be pre-treated with an alkaline solution. This solution is scrubbed into the carpet then removed to restore the carpet’s pH to its natural level. This solution can help soften carpet fibers and increase the effectiveness of the steam cleaning process.

After the hot water and detergent have been applied to the carpet, an agitation tool is used to ensure the debris is absorbed by the hot water. It also helps the hot water and detergent penetrate more deeply into the carpet.

After agitation, the dirty water is extracted by the steam cleaner on its vacuum setting. A commercial quality steam carpet cleaner will extract most of the water and detergent, along with any particulate matter it contains.

Commercial steam cleaners have very powerful vacuum settings that remove most of the water from the carpet, however, the carpet will still be slightly damp for between 4 to 24 hours. During this time, the carpet can be walked on, but it should be avoided if possible.

After the carpet has been dried, professional janitorial services can apply a stain protection treatment, which can reduce the risk of stains occurring to the carpet fibers.

Steam cleaning must be performed carefully because a poor technique or misuse of the equipment can damage carpets. An amateur may leave too much water on the carpet, which may lead to the growth of bacteria or mold. For this reason, property owners should always choose a professional janitorial service with a great deal of experience steam cleaning carpets.

Why do Professionals Cleaners Use Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning machine

There are many benefits gained by using steam cleaning technology including:

  1. No harmful chemicals!
    Some other carpet cleaning processes use a variety of solvents and harsh chemicals to remove stains and debris. Steam cleaning uses common household detergents to extract debris from your carpet. They are biodegradable, non-toxic and 100% safe. If you have an allergy to detergents, you could choose to have hot water-only steam cleaning performed. By avoiding chemicals, you will make your home a safer environment, particularly for pets and young children.
  2. It sanitizes your carpets
    In addition to removing dust mites, hair, animal dander, and dirt — steam cleaning will also kill microscopic germs including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Janitors enjoy using a process that removes these potentially harmful organisms quickly and easily.
  3. It removes difficult stains very easily
    Professional cleaners love steam cleaning because it can remove carpet stains very efficiently — there is no lengthy scrubbing required.
  4. One step cleaning
    Steam cleaning can clean and sanitize your carpets with one simple process. You don’t have to dust the floor, then mop it or apply various detergents in a certain order. It is also fantastic for sanitizing hard floors with tiles, concrete or linoleum. Professionals love to use simple and effective cleaning methods like steam cleaning.
  5. It is environmentally friendly!
    Because the detergents used in steam cleaning are biodegradable and non-toxic, they can be safely poured down your drains. They will not negatively impact your local ecosystem. Chemical carpet cleaning techniques often contain components that are toxic and carcinogenic.
  6. It is deodorizing
    A lot of bad smells come from dirty carpets. Steam cleaning is a very effective way to get rid of those smells!


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